Social Networking and Web 2.0

March 31st, 2008 | Posted by dk in Social Networks | Web 3.0

So being in charge of the most exciting web opportunity of a lifetime, its often hard to contain myself. I mean its not everyday that something that you are so passionate about it alters your daily life. I should digress, I am a surfer first and foremost. The waves rule my life and everything associated with it. If the surf is pumping my entire day is often planned around the hope of getting some waves at my favorite break. This is not a hobby or a sport to me it is my religion and spirituality. The websites I am discussing are www.skateboards.com , www.surfboards.com and www.snowboards.com . All three sports I have and continue to enjoy as frequently as my life allows. By implementing the latest technology and wrapping some new marketing around it (thanks Seth Godin) I will be bringing my fellow enthusiasts to the forefront of social networking, ecommerce channels and user generated content galore. Viral video players, branded avatars and intimate interviews and interactive chats with pros and industry big wigs are some of the things on tap for our new world. Stay tuned for updates to my life and what I am working on.

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