I am not going to lie, I love MMA. Thanks to my boy Sam Diggedy , I am a student of the fight and how it all works. So when STRIKEFORCE announced the Gina Carano vs. Cris Cyborg main event all to be televised on SHOWTIME and a supporting card built with Gegard Mousasi vs. Renato “Babalu” Sobral , Gilbert Melendez vs. Mitsuhiro Ishida and Fabricio Werdum vs. Mike Kyle we were all over it.  Sam and I  arrive at the HP Pavilion and pick up media passes (representing 102.5 KDON)and head in. When we get to our seats  one of our friends Freska, is sitting right next to us. Freska is  on the radio as well, but also trains under Gilbert Melendez (she has a killer camera and will be sending me over some shots real soon). RickyDanny, Sam Diggedy and Freska all settle in for the prelims to start. The undercard fights moved really fast and somewhat set the pace for the evening, Fabricio Werdum kept that pace going with a solid defeat in round one over opponent Mike Kyle. Gilbert Melendez went after Ishida and out smarted his opponent by steadily capitalizing on his weaknesses, Ishida was bleeding out of his ear and Melendez kept attacking it. Melendez was attempting rear naked chokes in the end and finally just pounded Ishida into a round 3 TKO. Then Mousasi’s turn, he came into the ring calm cool and collected, almost too clam…it was apparent “Babalu” had the energy and was convinced he was ready, well that was exactly the opposite with Gegard coming out and quickly going to the ground and laying a multiple punches to finally knock “Babalu” out cold in one minute flat.

Next up was the main card…the fight of the night Gina Carano vs. Cris Cyborg. Carano while definitely adored by the crowd, was in for a lane change. Right out of the gate Cyborg was striking and dominating the fight, constantly pushing Carano back. Blow after blow was striking Carano, at one point Carano had managed to get to the ground and control Cyborg momentarily…however that quickly changed and Cyborg just unleashed a fury of fists on Carano causing the ref to call the fight with 1 second left in round 1.  And like I stated with the undercards setting the pace, fight night ended with the main card only going 1 round.

Some side notes, Herschel Walker was in the house admitting to his MMA interests including current training…could we see the former Heisman trophy winner in the ring??? Stranger things have happened.

The presser after was solid, only the winners came out with Scott Coker and interacted well with the media. Coker led the presser with the announcement of Dream and STRIKEFORCE joining forces and sharing fighters. This opens the door to all sorts of great future match ups. Over all…I give the fights tonight an A+. Check out the video’s and photo’s below.

All of this was shot with an iPhone for pics and Nokia N95 for video. Enjoy!

SC Brand breaks into MMA with Luke Rockhold

November 25th, 2008 | Posted by dk in Action Sports | MMA | StrikeForce - ()

The SC Brand makes it debut into MMA this last Friday on the back of Luke Rockhold at Strike Force Destruction . Luke Rockhold, known for his Jujitsu and ground and pound was matched with Nik Theotikos for Friday’s first televised HDNET Strike Force Destruction fight of the night. As usual Sam Diggs and Ricky Danny were ringside with media passes to check out the nights event. This one was much more important as Ricky Danny’s SC Brand was represented by Luke Rockhold proudly displaying his hometown pride.

The crowd had hints of SC Boys in the air as catcalls from around the arena busted out when Luke was introduced into the ring. Being this was Luke’s first televised fight on HDNET bragging rights were on the line. Once the fight started it was apparent that Luke’s fight name should be “Cool Hand Luke” because it was only a matter of minutes before the SC Local began his ground and pound 2 minutes into the fight

with an eventual submission with rear naked choke.

Sam and I were yelling like crazy as was the pockets of SC boy’s in the crowd when Luke jumped up and claimed his victory.

Here is a post fight interview with Luke Rockhold

Overall super stoked for Luke Rockhold and looking forward to seeing him destroy future opponents in MMA and a proud member of the SC Family.

MMA and Action Sports

April 1st, 2008 | Posted by dk in Action Sports | KDON | MMA | StrikeForce - ()

I know I know its sounds crazy. I love MMA..whether it is UFC, StrikeForce, Elite XC, WEC or any foreign version…I LOVE IT. I have been hooked now for about a year and I usually troll the event as media with my boy Sam Diggs…We went to the Cung Le/Frank Shamrock fight this weekend in San Jose and it was everything and more!!! Cung was outstanding in his performance as always ending the fight with a spinning back fist to high kick which broke Frank Shamrocks arm…crazy!!! And both of these guys hail from San Jose…once in a lifetime. Oddly enough two days before the fight, our company signs an up and coming fighter Luke Rockhold to the SCBrand (website coming soon) and we will be going to his next fight in Washington at the end of May. Look out for Luke to do some interviews on KDON 102.5 www.kdon.com soon (oh yeah I do morning radio with the Morning Madhouse on 102.5 KDON www.kdon.com/pages/rickydanny.htm ) and the SCBrand will be launching some MMA driven merchandise for sale in the Santa Cruz Skate Shop.