Santa Cruz Roller Girls season is over…for now!

September 20th, 2008 | Posted by dk in Action Sports | KDON | Media - ()

So I am sad to see the first season of the Santa Cruz Roller Girls come to an end, but I know that next year will be off the hook.  The girls did well with a 5/7 record and tons of excitement, the Santa Cruz Roller Girls may have to find a bigger venue next year. I did stream from my N95 phone throughout the night, here are some of the clips. Oh yeah get on over to Santa Cruz Skate Shop and purchase your Santa Cruz Roller Girl merchandise to support.

Its amazing this N95 phone is going to change streaming media for sure!!

You can see more of these clips at Ricky Danny’s profile

Overall it was a great season and I am looking forward to next year, Sam Diggs of KDON the Morning Madhouse and Ricky Danny of Santa Cruz Skate Shop/Skateboards.com and KDON’s The Morning Madhouse were at all the games in full support of our girls! Till next year!

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