Please go to http://www.peopleallstars.com and pick San Francisco Giants then VOTE Danny Keith to give Grind Out Hunger a chance to go to the All Star Game and expose it to the world! Feeding Children is what we do, so please vote daily and multiple times contest ends June 20th. Thank you in advance!

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Wow..I am now a local hero!!!! I do what I do not for the awards or recognition, but its hard not to be excited when the things you put passion into get recognized by your peers. 2010 has started off with a bang first I was honored with a NEXTie, then as The GoodTimes Best of Santa Cruz 2010 and Santa Cruz Weekly 2010 Goldies readers acknowledged not only my businesses and non profits, but the readers felt that I was also overachieving in some areas that deserved an atta boy.  In my ventures around town whether I am speaking to school kids about community work with Grind Out Hunger, sponsoring a local kid for surfing/skating or meeting with local politicians about the scope of our county opportunities/challenges I never in my wildest dreams expected to be a recipient of so many gracious awards.  I promise to continue to follow my heart and aspirations, to be be responsible about my endeavors, lead by example for the youth and stay focused on bettering the community! Thank you to all the supporters, my family, of course the haters and more important all that voted…this means the world to me!!

Danny Keith voted Local Hero and runner up Mover Shaker

Danny Keith works for non-profit Second Harvest Food Bank

Santa Cruz Skate Shop nabs Best of Santa Cruz Skate Shop

Santa Cruz Weekly Goldies winner Santa Cruz Surf Shop

Santa Cruz Weekly Goldies winner Santa Cruz Skate Shop

Danny Keith voted 2nd best local entrepreneur

I have a birthday…every year I have one. This one was different. RickyDanny has been on The Morning Madhouse for almost 2.5 years now and we figured lets blow it up. The week was right, we had Brooke Hogan in town the club was MOTIV and is the place to be in Santa Cruz.  It started out with the VIP invite only from KDON, limited guest list for RickyDanny and MOTIV, all in all we invited 220 females with 4o males…can you say talent? Sam Diggedy, White Menace, Boy Toy Bobby, Showbiz and our crew rolled up to downtown Santa Cruz at the same time Brooke Hogan showed up. The VIP line was down the street and people were looking good and ready to party.  Once inside the music was jumping and people were already gettin tipsy…did I mention it was only 10pm.  Juan Burgundy was throwing heat on the turn tables as the ratio of girls to guys was the best I had ever seen in Santa Cruz. Straight up White Menace hit me the next morning after sleeping on Sam Diggedy’s bathroom floor “Blood, Santa Cruz blows San Francisco out of the water for talent, hands down the most hot chicks I have ever seen in a club at one time”…yep…that’s how we do it. Brooke was cool as hell, even with all the haters, MOTIV was packed till closing and not one problem. KDON, RickyDanny and SC know how to throw a party, next time we mention it….you might want to make sure you are there…here are some pics.

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